Image List - 2009

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El Moro-0166

PR Diving-0219

Valley View - First Light-5711

Flaming House Ruin 6062

Fallen Roof Ruin 6105-07

Little Falls-6958

Over the Edge 6933 36

Flaming House Ruin-6090

San Juan Walls-0136

Courthouse Reflection 5937

The Courthouse-5897

El Capitan Sunset-5383

Smokey Sunset at Glen Aulin-6827

Valley View - First Light-5692

Horsetail Falls-5812

El Moro-0164

Glen Aulin Sunset-6807

Sunset at Dead Horse Point-5974

Tuolumne RIver and Trees-6706

El Moro Cemetary-0172

Little Falls-4836

PR Diving-0241

Valley View Sunrise-5827

White Cascade with Rainbow-6756

Merced Reflections-5514

PR Diving-0223

False Kiva-6327

Yosemite Valley and Clouds-5547

PR Diving-0222

El Moro-0170

Tuolumne Falls-6736

PR Diving-0216

San Juan Walls-0142

San Juan from El Moro-0167

PR Diving-0253

Bridal Veil Falls-5564

Half Dome Sunset-7027

Flaming House Ruin-6069

PR Diving-0245

San Juan Walls-0140

Merced Reflections-5537

El Capitan in Clouds 5411

Yosemite Chapel-5586

Tuolumne River-6688

Stoneman Bridge-5593

Mt. Hoffman Reflection-7088

Horsetail Falls-5816

PR Diving-0217

Mt. Conness Sunset-7033

Yosemite Falls Reflection-5518

Tuolumne River near Glen Aulin-6780

Merced Reflections-5480

El Capitan Reflection-5543

Glen Aulin Sunset-6839


Misty Sunrise at Valley View-5457


Mt. Conness Sunset-6844

Dead Horse Sunrise Pano 6381-2

Cathedral Range Sunset and Flowers-7022

Fallen Roof Ruin-6095

La Mina Falls-4846


Tuolumne Bend 6702-4

Tuolumne Colors-6928

San Juan Walls-0144

Mt. Hoffman Sunrise and Moon 7078-80


Tuolumne Falls 6719-21

False Kiva-6313


PR Diving-0192

PR Diving-0221

Tuolumne River and Meadow-6685

White Cascade with Rainbow-6775

Courthouse Reflections-5949

Mt. Conness and Bridge-6943

Lake McGee Reflection-6948

El Capitan Cloud BW-5411

Mt. Clark Sunset-7035

Stoneman Bridge-5597

Ken's Lake Waterfall-6409

White Cascade-6746

Enchanted Island-7133

Merced Sunset and El Capitan-5398

Park Avenue and Tree at Sunrise-6446

El Moro-0155

PR Diving-0188

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