Image List - 2010

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Big Drop at Toroweep-2492

Mr and Mrs Coyote-1538

Lambs Canyon Aspens 2242

Resting Raptor-2218

Cascade Creek-1277


Upper Basswood Falls-2024

White Rim Pano-1892-7

Bright Angel Point Sunset Pano 2300-2

Wasatch Maples-2163

False Kiva 1763-5

Sunrise Point Pano2514-5

Leaning Shrub 1843-5

Cape Royal Sunset Pano 2454-5


Cocky Raven-1039-

Flowers and Towers-1868-72-

Good Doggie-1491

Double Rainbow at Toroweep-2475

Aspens and Pines-2253

Forest Rebirth 0614

Cape Royal Sunset 2465

On the Edge-2487

Trees and Fog-1148

Snowy Tree-1601

Thors Hammer 2528

Lambs Pond Pano 2223-4

Upper Basswood-2049


Maples near Guardsman Pass-2172

Upper Basswood Falls-2031

Lambs Creek and Berries 2249

Aspen Variety-0599

Lambs Canyon Fall-2229

Sunset Friday Bay-2108-10

Toroweep Rainbow-2472

Standing Out-2202

Cape Royal Sunburst-2358

Fals Kiva pano-1774-7-

Green River Overlook 1936-7

Big Pike Mouth-2094

Valley VIew-

Autumn Valley-2192

Young Buck-1381

Agave Reaching-2380

Cape Royal Sunset Pano 2436-7


Scott and Kevin at Upper Basswood-2037

Approaching Storm-2256

Green RIver Overlook-1800

Sunset and Storm 1949-50

Cape Royal at Sunrise-2

Dead Horse Sunrise 1201-2

Fresh Snow-1593

Yosemite in Clouds-1068

Moosecamp Lake-2137-40

Rain Clouds at Sunset-2310

Craig Fishing-2045

Upper Basswood Panorama-2038-40

Near Upper Basswood Falls-2052-3

Dead Horse Sunrise 1216

Winter Reflections-1127

Craig and Big Pike-2087

Guardsman Guardians-2178

Point Sublime Layers-2401

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